July 1, 2013
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Human Rights Watch: 5 Disturbing Human Trafficking Facts

Human trafficking still happens today, as much as we’d like to believe it doesn’t, and as long as there is a demand for it, there will be a supply, even if the law prohibits it. Some of the individuals being bought and sold are used as slaves, some of them are used for sex, and most are only allowed freedom for a payment. This means they are put into insufferable debt that essentially makes them slaves since they it’s virtually impossible to pay it back.

Warning of Prostitution and Human trafficking in South Korea for American G.I.s.

Warning of Prostitution and Human trafficking in South Korea for American G.I.s.

Human trafficking needs to be stopped and it’s disheartening that we still have to deal with it in this day and age. One would hope that we would have been able to put a stop to this horrible illegal practice by this point in time but it’s still common. To paint a picture of just how horrifying it is would be impossible but below are a few facts that might help you to realize just how bad it is.

1. The cost for a slave, on average, is only $90
The cost for a slave does vary depending on the country; some places have higher demand for slaves than others but if you were to add up the prices globally, take into account inflation, deflation and the differences in currency, the average price would only be $90; less than a hundred for a human life.

2. What comes next isn’t any easier
Being taken away from your home is hard enough, but then the individual is going to face many more challenges. The lucky ones just have to do manual labor. The others are beaten, sold to others, used as drug mules, or forced into prostitution or the porn industry. Many are allowed luxuries for a high price and end up living the rest of their life with unbearable debt.

3. Its not just a foreign issue
In the United States also has a high number of people being trafficked each year. Dallas and California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco) in particular have high numbers of human trafficking incidents. Efforts have been made to crack down on the issue but the number stays high with each passing year.

4. The numbers are high, over a million each year.
Approximately 12.3 million people are trafficked globally and the majority of victims are children, with children and females being the most common victims. Something needs to be done to combat the situation but thus so far the problem persists, with only 1 person (on average) being convicted for every 800 trafficking cases internationally.

5. Children exploited through prostitution have reported that they were usually forced by their trafficker to service 10 to 15 buyers a night.
A conservative estimate during the time of their victimization would be around 6000 buyers; terrifying numbers.

June 5, 2013
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Which American Cities Should Be Next On Your Travel Wishlist?

There are plenty of places to take a vacation in the United States; there’s the breathtaking coastal cities, the deep south, the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all sorts of different climates and cultural regions to explore. There are even some not so desirable cities.

When it comes to deciding which American cities should be next our your travel wishlist, start by eliminating any places that are consistently listed as the worst cities in America and go for either unique experiences or the tried and true locations that always deliver. Below is a list of some of the best American cities that should be on your travel wishlist.

Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks is the home to the northern lights which is by itself a reason to visit. Its bright beautiful lights draw people there year after year. While intensity of the northern lights varies, its often yellow green glow typically take place between the later part of August and April with the best time to view being between late evening and morning hours. While the Northern Lights are impressive so are all the visually stunning landscapes and many outdoor adventures.

New York City
New York offers you a lot of fun in a tightly packed urban area. There’s Central Park to enjoy, Broadway, old school New Year Pizza, the stunning skyline and iconic architecture. You can take a tour and see the towering glory of the Statue of Liberty, and world class shopping centers; It would be difficult to top a New York vacation.

San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the nicest cities in the world to visit with its huge collection of quirky little stores, delicious eateries and affordable accommodations to take advantage of. There’s also infamous Alcatraz and the Fisherman’s Wharf to visit as well as the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Seattle is known for the Space Needle but there’s a lot more to experience when you visit there. You can check out the Experience Music Project, an interactive museum dedicated to the finest in the music industry, the Seattle Center itself that always has something fun going on, and of course Pike Place Market, Sculpture Park located along Seattle’s waterfront.

America is a beautifully diverse country and a wonderful place to live, and there are many gorgeous cities to explore. Most America’s cities have affordable hotel options as well so you can even travel on a budget. No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, or for how long, check out the vacation destinations mentioned here and experience the best the America has to offer.

June 4, 2013
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3 Rewarding Careers Where You Can Work With Children

It’s not an understatement when it’s said that children are the foundation of the future. As adults, we need to think of children in relation to the bigger picture: they take up what was left by previous generations. In spite of this heady seriousness however, children can be warm, playful reminder of youth, and there are many jobs which involve children, often helping them directly or guiding them toward the right choices and paths in life. Whatever the reason, there are many significant and rewarding career choices which help to support the growth and care of children.

teacherThe first biggest career involved with children is teaching, and is often the first to come to mind when thinking of careers involving children. In childhood, youth are still inexperienced and learning about the world. Teachers educate children about the world as well as classic academic subjects, ensuring the children develop a well-rounded knowledge that will serve them for life. Teaching requires a bachelor’s degree, typically in the field of Education. Ideally, teachers are patient, accommodating and mild-tempered, and most people who are interested in this career who happen to have these qualities would make a solid fit. Teachers can earn an average salary of around $50,000 per year, varying with school level.

A second career where one can be involved with children would be pediatric registered nurse. Pediatric registered nurses help children, younger patients and their respective guardians. They have responsibilities similar to other registered nurses involving checking patient vitals, administering medicine at scheduled times and keeping track of patient health during the hospital stay. To become a pediatric registered nurse, one must earn both a degree and license in nursing. This field is growing particularly fast, with the average salary nearing $70,000 per year.

Another career involving children would be occupational therapy. Not just for adults, an occupational therapist helps children with mental and physical disorders and injuries of varying degrees of severity. Often times, this may mean helping kids with physical disorders master fine motor tasks, or aiding children with behavioral disorders to find more proactive ways to deal with their emotions. Overall, the occupational therapist’s job is to help find ways to improve the quality of life for the child regardless of their disorder or injury. To enter this field requires a master’s degree in occupational therapy as well as passing the NBCOT exam. The average salary in this field is $80,000 per year.

March 7, 2013
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What Do I Need To Know To Start A “3rd Wave” Coffee Shop?

The “3rd wave” of coffee refers to a cultural movement in the coffee industry. People have been getting more and more into coffee over the past 20 years and while the beverage has been around for too many years to count, recently there have been even more innovations and advancements in the industry. 3rd Wave Coffee is all about getting the highest quality coffee, and treating it as an artisan style drink instead of just another cup of Java. Continue Reading →

January 17, 2013
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Travelling The World

If you’re looking for adventure and you want to travel, what’s a good place to go these days?

I was thinking of visiting somewhere in China, but a bunch of the most polluted cities in the world are in China. Most of the great resort cities in Mexico that I used to go to are a no-go, thanks to the cartels. There are some great destinations in America, as well as some not so great destinations, but I think I’ve already seen pretty much everything worth seeing in this fine country.

What about checking out some of the largest water waterfalls in the world? With the obscure locations of most of these waterfalls, I could even check out some of the most dangerous roads in the world at the same time?

I feel like at my age, I don’t need to lounge around on a beach – I need to see things that are exciting. I need to take in as much as I possible can of this great world while I still have time. Maybe a trip to the ring of fire volcanoes, or a few years training to climb Mount Everest?

All this talk about travel at my age is bitter sweet. I remember travelling when I was younger, and it felt like I had all the time in the world to explore. The world was full of potential. Now the world is just as full of potential, but for me, time is closing in. I no longer have a life of exploration ahead of me. I’m greatful for the great travel I did manage to do in my youth, but I still regret not having done it more. There’s still so much stuff I have left on my bucket list, and so little time.

What does the future have in store for me? I’m not sure exactly, but whatever it is, I intend to make it amazing.

October 22, 2011
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LLC vs S Corp

What are the differences between an LLC vs S Corp? This is a common question that comes up when small businesses are looking to incorporate. Below are some of the main differences between an LLC and an S Corp.

S corps are only allowed one class of stock, while LLCs do not have any stock rules.

Shareholder Restrictions
S corporations are not permitted to elect corporations, multi-member LLCs, LLPs, partnerships, or Charitable Remainder Trusts as sharedholders. No such restrictions exist for LLCs.

Allocation and Sharing Rules
For LLCS, withdrawals can be made anytime during the year provided that the allocation doesn’t interfere with the business’ ability to pay existing operating commitments.

S corps on the other hand are permitted to withdraw throughout the year, though only after renumeration to 2% or more shareholders.

Business Name
While it may vary from state to state, in general, LLCs are required to have LLC or L.L.C at the end of the business name. For S corps, businesses are expected to carry the Inc., Incorporated, Corp, or Corporation suffixes.

S corps are governed by more severe restrictions in terms of paperwork and reporting. LLCs must file yearly state reports along with the accompanying fee. In addition to standard filings, S corporations must hold board and shareholder meetings and must maintain minutes for the meetings.

The above are just some of the major differences between an LLC and an S corporation. For a complete assessment of the most appropriate legal structure for your business, its best to seek qualified legal advice.

Important: The article above is not meant to be legal advice and should not relied upon as such.